Bio Shock2K presented FGPG with an interesting project and – as usual – we were up to the challenge! They needed a display for several trade shows that was so unique it would ‘wow’ seasoned industry buyers and media alike. With video games featuring complex weaponry, unusual characters and bizarre environments, we were tasked with bringing to life some of the most imaginative props we’ve ever created – from vintage mob cars, spectacular weapons and even underwater pipes.

Mafia 2Additionally, 2K needed an area to showcase their children’s video game titles and 2K Sports. A diverse fabrication to say the least.Our creativity was put to the test by the 2K project and, like the customer, we are proud of the result. Here at FGPG we love what we do and that’s reflected in the final product. The talented and creative FGPG team designed and fabricated this original themed environment over a six month period. The display featured plasma monitors and complex private demo theaters for each themed environment. We truly brought 2K video games to life! Our hard earned reputation was put to the test yet again and we delivered. Our clients are our lifeblood. We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and it shows. To view our portfolio pictures of this 8,000 square foot masterpiece Click Here »

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