Clients, Contacts & Vendors in the News:

  • Riot Games announces that it has sanctioned several professional League of Legends players for “Elo-Boosting.” [link]
  • Machinima Prime will release Player vs. Pain– a video game competition where gamers are subjected to painful “tortures” as reward for virtual successes. [link]
  • Machinima now the “larger than most television networks.” [link]
  • Irrational Games releases one minute Bioshock Infinite commercial. [link]
  • Bioshock Infinite estimated a cost of $100 million to make and $100 million on marketing. [link]
  • Team Falken Tire earns GT podium finish at the 61st Sebring 12 hour. [link]
  • Falken Tire contingency program expansion for 2013. [link]
  • Blizzard Entertainment embraces free to play gaming with Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. [link]
  • 2K announces Civilization V: Brave New World will be released for Mac and PC this summer. [link]
  • 2K makes plans for ‘Borderlands 2’ film giving lucky students a chance to create an animated short film based on the game. [link]
  • Firaxis and 2K reveal XCOM: Enemy Unknown port for iOS. [link]
  • Bungie explains the importance of creating Destiny as “mythic science fiction.” [link]

Industry Tidbits:

  • Demitrios Kalogeropoulos gives his insight on the Disney and Activision square off. [link]
  • Is SXSW the next Comic-Con for studios? [link]
  • Smartphones becoming platform of choice for more game consumers. [link]
  • Quantic Dream studio is working on brand new game for PS4. co-CEO claims that PS4 is “another Reason to try and innovate.”  [link]

On the Show Floor:

  • GDC is here! [link] The Game Developers Choice Awards is on Wednesday. [link]
  • PAX East ended this past weekend. Stay tuned for our PAX East blog post featuring our 2 clients, 2K and CCP Games, at the show.
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