PAX East, the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) trade show show exclusive to the gaming industry, focuses on the culture and community that goes hand in hand with gaming. Representing the two largest gaming events in North America, PAX Prime in Seattle and PAX East in Boston have been the  only place the public could see, hear and experience the insanity that is a game industry expo hall. Over a hundred thousand square feet of show floor and all genres, platforms and styles of games are represented at PAX, yet it wasn’t always that way. Beginning in 2004, the first trade show had only 4,500 attendees in Bellevue, Washington. The small show doubled in size each year until it finally reached venue capacity and in 2010 expanded into Boston, drawing tens of thousands of attendees. FG|PG has been attending PAX East since 2009 and represented gaming clients such as Rockstar Games, 2K, Ubisoft and many others over the years. For PAX East 2013, our clients CCP and 2K both had very specific needs for their individual trade show booth spaces and we provided our full service from the design all the way through show services.

CCP Games had a brand new 50′ x 50′ booth with pony walls and a fabric hanging sign along the perimeter
that featured Dust 514, a first-person shooter and strategy experience set within the Eve Universe. Their trade show booth had two rows of tables that were each equipped with 12 playable stations which allowed gamers to team up and play on either the side of the Federal Defense Union or the State Protectorate. The elaborate booth required extensive wire management and special client requests were filtering in up through the day before the show. Thanks to 20+ years experience and our awesome lead man, install ran smoothly and the booth was a success for CCP Games, who shared  that they loved the attention to detail and excellent customer service provided by FG|PG throughout the process. During all three days of PAX East, the CCP trade show booth was never empty and the gaming stations fully engaged masses of PAX East attendees.

2K has been a client of FG|PG since 2005 and we’ve collaborated with them nearly 20 times at industry trade shows such as E3, PAX, GDC and Comicon. For their presence at PAX East 2013, we designed a broadcast booth which consisted of a tech room and a stage. 95% of the 20′ x 20′  booth was fabricated at our facility in Southern California, yet the vinyl wall graphics were carefully installed on the show floor to prevent tears or damage during transport.  The vibrant firetruck red vinyl added a strong pop of color to the trade show booth and reiterated 2K’s strong presence at the trade show.

FG|PG’s expert team promises to develop innovative trade show designs and event planning solutions that optimize your company’s ability to meet its goals. Call us at 714-367-9260 or email us to begin collaboration on your next trade show environment or consumer event.


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