World War I, “The war to end all wars,” reached its conclusion when an armistice with Germany went into effect at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the year 1918. At the time, no one could imagine there being any other wars to follow. Now 100 years and countless wars later, The United States, as well as many nations around the globe dedicate November 11th as the day we commemorate all the warriors that have served in the name of their respective countries.

Each year the Veterans Day National Ceremony is held at Arlington National Cemetery on November 11th beginning at 11:00 am. The ceremony includes a parade put on by various veterans’ organizations as well as speeches presented by our top dignitaries. The Veterans Day National Committee also recognizes a number of observances that pay tribute to America’s heroes. This year, please join FG|PG in sharing a moment of silence to remember and honor our Veterans who have selflessly defended the values of America at home and abroad. Our brave Veterans and their families have paid the ultimate price to make America a beacon of hope and justice for all. We have one world and one country. We are one people. This Veteran’s day let’s remember that which brings us together and the strength of those whose service has made America the greatest nation in the world.

For those looking to contribute to Veterans in need, consider this list of reputable charities compiled and rated by CharityWatch.

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