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Project: Fortnite Hall at TwitchCon
Client: Epic Games
Producer: FG|PG
Concept:  Takeover TwitchCon with an interactive esports experience

Last year Epic Games attended TwitchCon with 10 Fortnite gaming stations and 2 streamer pods. Fast forward 12 months and they’ve staged a TwitchCon takeover with Fortnite Hall, a 50,000 SQ FT interactive esports activation centered around their Fall Skirmish Grand Finals.

Fortnite’s cultural impact cannot be overstated. The battle royale game is being covered by the likes of ESPN and Saturday Night Live while developing in-game partnerships with brands as big as the NFL. Fans of the game span multiple demographics and with TwitchCon attendees being amongst the most tech-savvy content creators around, it was critical to deliver an esports experience that went beyond your typical sporting event. As Twitch stated in their opening Keynote, “We all know the best kind of fun is the kind that happens live, the kind where everyone plays a part, where any moment could be the moment.”

Take a second to let that sink in. The future of entertainment is most definitely interactive and happening in real-time.

This is great news for those of us in the world of experiential marketing. To give some perspective, Twitch has only existed in its current incarnation for 4 years. In that time, they have amassed an audience that averages 1 million concurrent viewers (similar to networks like NBC, FOX, and ESPN) and accounts for the 4th largest source of peak internet traffic in the United States behind Netflix, Google, and Apple.

With so much at stake, the teams at Epic Games and FG|PG knew we had to create an interactive esports experience that would tap directly into the hearts of both the Fortnite and Twitch communities. The resulting activation, Fortnite Hall, celebrated all things gaming, streaming, and cosplay. We transformed the San Jose Convention Center tent into another world filled with minigames, Fortnite inspired snacks, exclusive giveaways, shareable photo/video opportunities, and of course, a massive LED screen and viewing area.

Providing activities like Lazy Links mini golf was great for guests in Fortnite Hall, but we had an even larger group of fans tuning in to the live stream on Twitch. Fortnite’s Twitch channel averaged more than 120,000 viewers over the course of the 3-day event with the grand finals reaching an audience of 336,000. FG|PG created scenic environments to anchor the live broadcast, feature influential streamers, capture player interviews, and showcase the 100-person battle royale gameplay that makes Fortnite so exciting to watch.

There is a lot that goes into flawlessly executing a major esports event. From design and fabrication to onsite logistics including installation, security, player hospitality, and managing a live broadcast that will reach hundreds of thousands of adoring fans, the team at FG|PG will have your back. Get in touch today to learn how your brand can create experiences where fans are as much a part of the action as the stars they’ve come to see.

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