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“The FGPG Team understands what it means to capture the essence of a brand and the soul of an event. It was a pleasure to work with FGPG simply because the quality of people there is unmatched.”
– Albert S. Villata, VP, Sales & Marketing – KWA

Show: KWA @ Shot Show
Producer: FG|PG
Client: KWA Performance Industries, Inc.
Concept: Create an engaging and impactful product experience.

Astrid Silver Award Special Projects: Exhibit Booth

Astrid Sliver Award
Special Projects | Exhibit Booth

KWA is the leading designer and manufacturer of airsoft replica weapons for law enforcement and military training. The company attends SHOT Show each year to showcase its newest products to nearly 65,000 attendees.

SHOT Show is a sea of camo-clad graphics set against ominous black backdrops. KWA stood out from the crowd by elevating its exhibit from gun shop to jewelry store. Among the visual overload, KWA’s exhibit was an oasis. The pure white envelope focused attention on KWA’s product – attendees’ eyes went immediately to the products as they entered the exhibit. Inset into the walls and illuminated from top and bottom, the guns appeared to be floating.

Astrid Silver Award Special Projects: Exhibit Booth

Hermes Gold Award
Advertising | Trade Show Exhibit

KWA wanted to create an engaging and memorable way for attendees to experience the “recoil effect accuracy” of their products. FG|PG teamed up with Laser Ammo to develop a experiential digital shooting range housed in a glass room in the center of the booth providing attendees a hands on experience with KWA’s products. The highly visible demo drew attendees into the exhibit from the aisles. Large monitors in the glass room engaged the crowd of spectators as they watched the target shooting game. Sequestered by thick floor-to-ceiling glass walls, activity within the demo space did not disturb the sophisticated ambiance in the rest of the exhibit.

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