Machinima @ E3 2011

FGPG maintains a strong presence each year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (famously known as E3), the world’s premier stage for computer, video and mobile games, as well as computer, video and mobile game-related products. In 2011 top talent at every level and from every facet of the video game industry packed into the Los Angeles Convention Center, connecting thousands upon thousands of the brightest and best, the most innovative players in the industry of interactive entertainment.

FGPG had the opportunity to work with Machinima, helping them take their brand experience marketing to the next level with our themed environment design and custom exhibit production capabilities, all under one roof.

Machinima made a huge splash at E3 in 2011, becoming the largest video entertainment network in the world for the gamers of the highest level, a next-generation video entertainment network that cultivates and facilitates the gamer lifestyle in all its aspects.

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