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Project: Oculus Connect 5
Client: Oculus from facebook
Producer: FG|PG
Concept:  Imagine the future of VR together

What does the future of Virtual Reality look like? If you didn’t have the opportunity to join us at this year’s Oculus Connect, have no fear. Here’s all you need to know.

Oculus has partnered with the team at FG|PG to produce and deliver their flagship proprietary event since the inaugural Connect 5 years ago. Every year Connect has grown in size, gained traction within the VR community, and pushed the boundaries of what is possible. OC5 was no different.

With a mandate to ensure that all attendees experience at least one VR demo this year, we took over the San Jose Convention Center and treated attendees to over 100 VR Demos, 30 in-depth sessions, and the VR League Grand Finals. From Zuckerberg to Carmack, Independent VR films with responsive narratives to high-stakes competitive VR gameplay, OC5 looked back at the history of Virtual Reality and laid the foundation for future breakthroughs. The discussions were deep and the competition thrilling. Above all, the industry’s most visionary developers and creators came together and connected in engaging and meaningful ways that will propel VR forward.

One of the biggest announcements at OC5 was Oculus Quest, the world’s first all-in-one gaming system built for virtual reality. With the release of Quest coming this spring, high-quality, untethered, 6DOF VR will be both portable and affordable!

The only way to fully grasp the power of this technology is to experience it first-hand so we created room and arena-scale activations that let attendees run around untethered to experience the mindblowing tracking and mapping capabilities of Quest. Each game received its own special treatment that mirrored the title’s respective graphic language while providing an overarching aesthetic tied to the Oculus brand.

Glass walls, perforated vinyl graphics, and living room furniture were leveraged to create immersive environments that were minimalist and future forward for SUPERHOT VR and Project Tennis Scramble. These 20x20 spaces highlighted how Quest could be used at home. While the 60x80 battlefield we created for Dead and Buried Arena showcased its competitive and attraction-based implications.

At a proprietary event the size of OC5 there is a lot of ground to cover and countless demos and sessions to experience. Flow within the hall, easy-to-navigate wayfinding, manageable lines, and energetic brand ambassadors are all essential elements that need to be orchestrated in perfect harmony to achieve success. The team at FG|PG understands all of the details that go into executing award winning experiences for leading brands, but it’s the trust our partners place in our team and the mutual respect we’ve built together in the trenches that make our activations so memorable. Get in touch today to experience the FG|PG difference.

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