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“It’s one thing to have a vision in your mind, but to actually see it come to fruition perfectly is really amazing and inspiring.”

– Asif Kahn, CEO

Project: Shacknews continues to expand their presence at E3
Client: Shacknews
Producer: FG|PG
Concept: Establish Shacknews as a destination for all things gaming


Shacknews is one of the internet’s top destinations for video game news. During the past three years they have continued to grow their presence at E3. From the beginning, Shacknews trusted and relied on FG|PG to design and create their exhibit and brand experience. This year’s show was easily their most exciting on record. Shacknews had it all, from celebrity interviews to live tournament play. Attendees could even score a complimentary massage.

It was important to Shacknews that their booth at E3 represent their unique sense of humor while fostering the community they’ve painstakingly built over the last 22 years. With that in mind FG|PG helped Shacknews create an experience that was as independent as their spirit and broadcast ready for round-the-clock livestreaming.

Shacknews launched their inaugural World Championship at E3. Their first foray into esports was streamed with color commentary on Twitch and featured 128 Gamers going head-to-head in classics like Streetfighter, Rocket League, Halo 2, and Duke Nukem 3D for a $50,000 cash prize. Gameplay was prominently featured on an elevated stage. Attendees were able to catch the action seated within the booth or from any of the surrounding aisles.

In addition to kicking off the Shack Champions League, their exhibit played host to a jam-packed schedule of interviews from some of the industry’s biggest names. FG|PG created a plush lounge to capture in-depth conversations with developers from Tomb Raider, The Walking Dead, and SEGA to name a few. The continued success of Shacknews at E3 is a testament to the power of building trusted partnerships one event at a time.

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