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Project: Astroneer Indie Megabooth Showcase
Client: System Era
Producer: FG|PG
Concept:  Use immersive scenic design to create a large impact within a small exhibit.


We are currently living through an indie gaming renaissance. As crowdfunding options like Kickstarter have matured and consoles like Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo have developed online networks in the image of Steam, small teams of game developers are able to thrive and deliver radical new concepts to larger and larger audiences without the restrictions common in a major studio environment.

Astroneer by System Era is one such game making the most of this new paradigm. Founded by a small team of developers from 343 Industries (Halo), Astroneer, is a space exploration sandbox game with a positive spin on the future that has become a darling on the scene. In addition to selling early access to an alpha version of their game, a grant from the fine folks at Epic Games (Unreal Engine), has helped System Era get in front of the gaming public. At this year’s PAX West they were selected to exhibit at the Indie Megabooth and were one of the standouts of the show.

The team at System Era approached FG|PG to design and produce their exhibit for PAX West because they wanted to make a big impact in a small space. Having worked with us at another media startup they knew FG|PG understood the importance of this event and that we would provide the ultimate service regardless of their booth size and budget.

As usual, FG|PG exceeded expectations and created an immersive 10x10 exhibit that incorporated high quality demo stations, pixel-perfect graphics, and scenic elements that transported gamers into the world of Astroneer. The exhibit we created made System Era and Astroneer stand out amidst a sea of exhibitors showcasing their games on plane counters. They had a steady flow of people excited to try their hand at one of their 3 demo stations and gained the recognition and momentum they hoped to achieve by attending PAX.

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