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Working with FG|PG has been great…the crew has been extremely helpful…our booth is fantastic! We had no issues at all. Our customers, fans, and guests are extremely happy as well.”

– Ewa Buczkowska, Senior Event Manager


Project: Dying Light 2 Launch at E3
Client: Techland
Producer: FG|PG

Concept: Transport attendees to Dying Light’s apocalyptic world while providing an intimate look into their upcoming video game release


Techland announced the upcoming release of Dying Light 2 at this year’s E3 much to the industry’s delight. To unveil the long-awaited sequel, team FG|PG helped Techland convert an E3 meeting room into a fully immersive zombie apocalypse.  We also scattered a crew of zombies, in full Hollywood makeup, throughout the exhibit hall to startle attendees and create buzzworthy photo-ops.

Once checked into the meeting room attendees were led down a dark corridor scattered with zombies. Old window panes with views of Dying Light’s apocalyptic landscape lined the decaying hallway. Guests were then shuffled into a crumbling cathedral where they were seated in pews and captivated by an intimate demo with lead designer Tymon Smektala. Everyone left in awe.

Techland turned heads at E3 and proved yet again that exhibitors don’t need to have the biggest booth in the hall to make a huge impact. They took home quite a few awards including GameSpot Best of E3, IGN Best of E3, Turbo Fegno Best of Show, AusGamers Best of E3, and Hardcore Gamer Best of E3.

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