Immersive Virtual and Hybrid Experiences, a Unique Way of Bringing People Together

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Our Key Engagement Drivers For A Successful Virtual Event

As we plan to create a dynamic event, it will be essential that we define the pillars that keep our experience consistent and on strategy.

Our four engagement pillars are defined here.


People are here to learn and get an insider POV at what’s new and how to optimize it for their needs. Our job is to make it easy for them to engage with our content.


Guests want to hear from leaders and experts. They want to ask questions, feel like they had a personal experience, and even network and make connections to help drive future opportunities.


Today’s virtual events need to deliver more energy and two-way engagement. Our experience needs to deliver moments, and an attitude, that enables our guests to “feel” our brand essence—even virtually. Ideally, this includes weaving in dynamic presentations and unexpected surprises/moments that get people excited.


Our approach to content, and the overall experience, needs to be inspiring and make it worth our guests’ time and attention.

Case Studies

FGPG Gamechanger Virtual Summit

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FGPG Gamechanger Jim Justice Virtual Summit

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Blending Technologies to Engage Emotions

Utilize FG|PG’s custom bespoke virtual platform or optimize any other existing virtual templated platform. We have done it all.

Our goal is to create a virtual environment that seamlessly integrates broadcast-style content delivery, dynamic presentation design, live streamed presenters, two-way engagement, and unexpected surprises. We work with various platforms based on our clients’ needs. We have also created our own custom bespoke virtual platform that can be reskinned as far as our imagination takes us to bring your brand to life.

Don't just take our word for it

Don't just take our word for it


I am exceedingly grateful for your partnership, fortitude, pure grit and ability to keep shining, even in the face of adversity. Simply put, you all are ROCK STARS!

Medina McKinney



FG|PG has been a joy to work with from beginning to end. I left the booth at 6 pm the day before the show opened, and that has never happened before. We won 4 awards for Best-In-Show and the fans loved it. Thank you very much!

Ellen Liew



I've worked with a lot of agencies, and you guys are so amazing to work with, great job. You killed it for us.

Marc Minor



FG|PG continues to exceed 2K’s expectations. Every year FG|PG has helped 2K elevate our E3 experience.

Sarah Anderson


Where and How We Can Do It

The FGPG facility has over 180,000 sq ft of space and office space can be utilized as a production facility complete with green rooms, Kitchen Space and isolated control rooms for safe social distancing.

Production scalability from setting up a small broadcast studio to bringing in broadcast trucks to outfit a medium or large studio.

Internal primary and redundant networks can be provided and scaled if required to meet the needs of larger scale productions. In addition to our on-demand broadcast production space, we utilize broadcast engineering expertise and at-home broadcast kits.

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